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Changing Times Require Changing The Ways We Learn

The majority of educational, vocational, and organizational learning has been done using physical textbooks, paperwork, and in-person instruction. With the rise of the internet, the World Wide Web, and devices of all types to access information, instructional learning has made the slow migration to online learning. This has not been at a uniform pace. In terms of educational instruction, the decentralization of education curricula in the United States has all but guaranteed there will be a large variation of online instruction by region, district, and institution. The same goes for institutions that are in the business of teaching individuals a career vocation. Government and private organizations have been quicker to increase the ability to train and present informational instruction online because of the changing nature of rules and regulations.

Beginning in February of this year, the Covid-19 virus spread around the world and caused a shut down of most public life including businesses, educational institutions, and government and non-profit organizations. Millions became jobless and those that were lucky enough to maintain their employment did so by working from home over their computers. Students, individuals training and learning vocations, and current employees needing certification or training in policies were thrown into a state of confusion. Slowly, these organizations and institutions are meeting the needs of these groups through online instruction.

For decades studies have shown that learning information, be it in terms of academic education, vocational knowledge, or organizational training is not only benefitted through, but is significantly enhanced by, multimedia features within a learning program. Reading text alone can only provide so much when it comes to comprehending, internalizing, and retaining knowledge necessary for one’s educational, vocational, or professional career. Thus, the more easily and quickly existing content can be integrated with multimedia elements like video, animation, and audio, the sooner institutions and organizations can meet the growing needs of students and employees.

There is now a growing sense of urgency to increase instruction online especially in the educational institutions at the primary, secondary, and higher educational levels. Government and private organizations are also seeing the increasing need to move online. What is needed is a company that can provide multimedia services quickly, efficiently, at a low cost, with unparalleled customization and customer service. S4Carlisle utilizes top multimedia developers who are able to create interactive programs using a variety of interactive techniques. Multimedia elements are designed using software or hardware programs for various purposes. We combine both computer and artistic skills, as well as have the ability to collaborate with other media and marketing specialists.

Our next blog post will focus on the different components of online multimedia learning and how different organizations can use them to their advantage.


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