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Customized Publishing Solutions

Our Services

Digital Learning

We bring the right mix of pedagogy and andragogy, instructional creativity, content, and apt use of new-age technology to deliver high-quality solutions to meet your learning and training needs.


We're a Benetech Global Certified Accessible™ (GCA) vendor, and we have been working with publishers and content owners, helping them meet rigorous global standards and overcome the cost and complexity of creating "born accessible" content.

eBook Development 

We design process automation, integrate data systems, automate eBook conversions, and provide platforms for data storage and information sharing. The eBook services cover fixed-layout ePub, fixed-layout KF8, interactive ePub 3.0 and KF8, ONIX metadata tagging services, content porting, Smart PDFs, LINK PDFs, Universal PDF creation, and proofreading.

Content Development 

We work with authors and publishers to help create or enhance content for books, journals, and other publications. With an eye on quality, budget, and schedule, we ensure the customer’s expectations are met through the course of the project. We offer content writing services across several genres. S4Carlisle has also authored ancillary products like PowerPoints, Instructor Manuals, online courses, IRCDs, and flashcards. 

Editorial Services

Our editorial staff guides you through the entire process, leading to the final stages of preparation of the manuscript for publication. We have an experienced team to handle your editorial needs for both online and print publications.


We offer high-quality, quick turnaround typesetting services with XML-first or -last workflows using state-of-the-art applications for books, journals, technical documents, and magazine production. We help convert the publications to different formats, resulting in significant cost reduction.

Translation & Localization

We streamline the process of translation to provide cost-effective, international quality output. We provide services for multilingual content in over 30 languages. Our translators are trained to think in local languages and bring out the essence of thought and content.

Technology Solutions

We identify these potential opportunities and develop systems that can enable better collaboration, information sharing and exchange of data across the organization to derive maximum value from the publishing process. The systems are built exactly to the needs of the publishing organization with future scalability and adaptability in mind.

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