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We work with authors and publishers to help create or enhance content for books, journals, and other publications. With an eye on the budget and schedule, we ensure the customer’s expectations are met through the course of the project.

S4Carlisle has been handling prepress and editorial services for college textbooks for 35+ years. Our developmental staff has been working with clients and author teams throughout the development stage across all disciplines, parent text, and ancillary products. Our staff offers à la carte services or can manage the complete development of any title with such tasks as:

  • Evaluating basic revision plan (including specifications, cost parameters, and desired publication date)

  • Creating base manuscript for author (tear sheet) if needed

  • Obtaining reviews of manuscript and creating synopsis for author

  • Providing direction and feedback to authors

  • Working with the author to determine appropriate writing schedule

  • Monitoring author progress and report status to customers

  • Creating design memos and sending to the customers for approval

  • Monitoring art and photo counts to be certain they coincide with customer's budget

  • Reviewing the final manuscript to ensure author has made appropriate changes

  • Preparing manuscript for production

  • Obtaining text and line art permissions, if applicable

  • Photo research, if applicable

  • Managing supplement authors, if applicable

Our developmental editors' years of experience working directly with authors in the production phase of a project enables them to have a clear insight as to what will enhance a manuscript, while keeping the budget, schedule, and the customer's overall expectations intact.

Developmental Editing and Writing 

Our developmental editors assist authors in writing and editing their manuscript and provide necessary support to structure the manuscript effectively. We take that extra step to ensure you feel supported and confident with our developmental services.

  • DE Management

  • Miscellaneous DE Tasks

  • Reviewer Coordination

Content Writing

S4Carlisle offers a range of content writing services across several genres, including writing first edition test preparation guides, major or minor revisions to a product, ancillaries (flashcards, PowerPoints, Instructor Guides, etc.), alternate text for images to meet ADA and Section 504 requirements, and testing platforms (AP, SAP, CLEP, NCLEX, Praxis). We can also contract subject-matter content reviewers, active and current teachers and professors who are recognized as leaders in their field by their peers and their students, if requested.

Subject-Matter Experts

The S4Carlisle content development team is committed to providing you with the best quality product possible, and we carefully and thoroughly review each project before assigning a writer to ensure the best possible match between writer and project.


We have available writers who are skilled in a variety of disciplines, from the hard sciences (nursing, chemistry, biology, physics, pharmacology) to the soft sciences (psychology, sociology, education, history, law), from general math to statistics, from entry-level business to economics and accounting. Our writers and staff possess a vast array of skills as well, including assessment writing and tech writing.


In addition to writers, we are able to contract subject-matter content reviewers if requested. We strive to find the best possible fit on a per-project basis. Our existing pool of reviewers includes active and current teachers and professors who are recognized as leaders in their field by their peers and their students.

Permission Assessment and Acquisition

We have a team of permission specialists who assist the developmental editors in acquiring text and line art permissions. We have been working closely with various customer business units in assessing manuscripts, acquiring text and line art permissions, as well as re-clearing many legacy projects for the customer's minimum requirements.


The permission specialist's involvement not only allows the developmental editors to better focus their time on the actual content, but it also allows the developmental editors to oversee a larger volume of titles at one time.

  • Permissions Assessment:  We ensure that all manuscripts are assessed to identify and log any third-party material that would require permission, or is deemed fair use or public domain, well in advance of publication. This includes text, line art, and photos.

  • Permissions Acquisition: Based on our findings, we will then work with the rights holders to obtain the customer's minimum permission requirements, negotiate and monitor fees to keep within the project budget, and maintain detailed and accurate records for consistent status reporting to the customer. This includes: Straight Pickup, Reacquire, and New or Extensive Reacquire.

Photo Research

S4Carlisle can research and secure photographs and illustrations via stock agencies, new services, libraries, museums, etc. to express the information desired by the author to enhance the text. This service includes negotiating fees and obtaining the required permissions necessary to reuse the image.

Testing Platforms and Levels

In addition to a variety of disciplines, our team of content development editors and writers has experience with a variety of testing platforms and levels. We have written and developed test preparation products for AP, SAT, and CLEP disciplines, for NCLEX-RN, and for Praxis, to name a few. 

The experience of our subject-matter experts is vast and covers other testing products, such as GMAT, GRE, FCAT, and FTCE (among others) as well as assessments and correlations for elementary products.

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