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Abstract Background


Our AI Ecosystem built for Publishing

NINJA is a secure and collaborative GenAI built for Publishing. With our no code AI ecosystem, you can effortlessly manage and monitor the wealth of information across the enterprise - emails, chats, databases, meetings, CRMs, project management apps, and other internal tools. 

NINJA unlocks the power of your data, giving you enterprise-wide visibility, while guaranteeing the highest levels of data security and quality.

How you can leverage NINJA

Interactive Content Library

Transform the library experience into an interactive journey.

NINJA allows you to interact with your content repository, asking questions, seeking explanations, and getting personalized and contextual responses.

Can be implemented as a paid subscription or a metered usage model.

Metadata Extraction

Enhances the discoverability of books.

Our no code AI Ecosystem, NINJA, automatically extracts keywords, taxonomy, authors, titles and genre in real-time from multiple sources.


Instantly generate abstractive summaries from chunked text.

NINJA helps cleanse, enrich, and add contextual meaning to your content, delivering the right information at the right time for the right operation.

Adaptive Learning

Personalised and engaged learning experiences.

By analysing user behaviour and performance data, NINJA creates a personalised learning experiences based on individual users' needs and preferences, resulting in more effective and engaging learning. 

Sales Support Automation

Tap into knowledge stores and respond to customers in real-time.


NINJA integrates data from multiple systems and builds smart, contextual responses. With a minimal sales team, you can increase CES scores and reduce time to qualify and close leads.

Customer Support Automation

Automated, intelligent responses to customer queries. 

NINJA unifies information across website, chats, emails, apps, calendars, and other sources, and builds contextual responses based on deep insights with a transparent audit trail.

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