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Translation and Localization

Our team of translators can support over 60 international languages, and are trained to localize content. We streamline the process of technical translation to provide you international quality output while keeping your costs under control. 



At S4Carlisle, we appreciate the subtleties of language and we keep track of the grammar, the style and terminology used. Our translations are focused on ensuring the content is delivered accurately to local audiences across the globe.


We have a large pool of translators, and our database is structured in such a way that translators are directly mapped to their domain expertise, enabling a more specialized translation.


Our dedicated project manager will work with you to promote consistent terminology and ensure that stylistic preferences are in keeping with your brand message across all languages. Using the latest translation management technology our team will deliver the highest quality translation service.

We streamline the process of translation to provide you international quality output while keeping your costs under control. We provide services for multilingual content in over 60 languages. Our team of translators are trained to think in local languages and bring out the essence of thought and content.


S4Carlisle works with several companies and organizations in many fields such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, Software, Education, and the Law. We offer content localization, as well as translation services that improve business and marketing all over the globe. Whether it is educational content, or marketing and public relations, we make sure that all subject matter is accessible and understandable to any local population our clients wish to target.

Our localizing service focuses on adapting the content to a specific region's language and cultural sensitiveness. Our comprehensive localization maximizes content absorption and blends more naturally to target audience. Our localization involves taking into account each market’s language, culture, and social norms so that the content resonates with the local customers and prospects.


Localization is a multidisciplinary process and involves a number of aspects. We, at S4Carlisle, have a team of localizing experts ranging from content localizing, graphic localizing, and design localizing. Other appearance related aspects and GUIs are re-worked upon to suit the local / global requirements.

Indian Languages

  • Bengali

  • Gujarati

  • Hindi

  • Kannada

  • Malayalam

  • Marathi

  • Oriya

  • Punjabi

  • Tamil

  • Telugu

  • Urdu

Asian Languages

  • Bangla

  • Burmese

  • Chinese (Simplified & Traditional)

  • Indonesian

  • Japanese

  • Khmer

  • Korean

  • Kurdish

  • Lao

  • Malay

  • Nepalese

  • Sinhalese

  • Thai

  • Vietnamese

African Languages

  • Amharic

  • Lingala

  • Somali

  • Zulu

Middle East & East European Languages

  • Arabic

  • Bulgarian

  • Croatian

  • Czech

  • Estonian

  • Farsi

  • Hebrew

  • Hungarian

  • Mongolian

  • Polish

  • Romanian

  • Russian

  • Serbian

  • Slovenian

  • Slovak (Sloviansk)

  • Turkish

  • Ukrainian

  • Uzbek

European Languages

  • Albanian

  • Bosnian

  • Danish

  • Dutch

  • Finnish

  • Flemish

  • French (France & Canada)

  • German

  • Greek

  • Icelandic

  • Italian

  • Latvian

  • Lithuanian

  • Macedonian (F.Y.R.O.M.)

  • Maltese

  • Norwegian

  • Portuguese (Portugal & Brazil)

  • Spanish (Spain, LA and MX)

  • Swedish

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