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Unlocking the power of microlearning to deliver engaging learning experiences

As L&D organisations around the world look for better and more effective means of designing and deploying eLearning that has a better rate of engagement and improves retention of knowledge, we look at how microlearning can work as an effective solution.

This eBook offers insights into why microlearning is a better, cost-effective, and easier way to foster learning at the workplace. We explore the evolution of microlearning, the growth of short-form videos, the importance of learning in the flow of work, and use case scenarios, where microlearning can be an effective training solution.


In this eBook you'll learn about:

  • Understand why we tend to forget things that we learn

  • Gain insights into the importance of spaced learning

  • Ascertain the benefits of microlearning

  • Learn why microlearning videos have better memory recall value

  • Understand how microlearning can foster continuous learning

  • Examine use case scenarios wherein microlearning can work better

  • Learn why your organization should have a microlearning strategy

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