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Transform your Publishing Process

Online Education
About S4Carlisle
We combine publishing expertise, learning design, technology experience and digital tools to deliver customized publishing and learning solutions.
Digital Learning

We bring the right mix of pedagogy and andragogy, instructional creativity, content, and apt use of new-age technology to deliver high-quality solutions to meet your learning and training needs.


We're a Benetech Global Certified Accessible™ (GCA) vendor, and we have been working with publishers and content owners, helping them meet the rigorous global standards and overcome the cost and complexity of creating "born accessible" content.

Content Development

We work with authors and publishers to help create or enhance content for books, journals, and other publications. With an eye on the budget and schedule, we ensure customers' expectations are met. 

Translation & Localization

Our team of translators can support over 60 international languages, and are trained to localize content. We streamline the process of technical translation to provide you international quality output while keeping your costs under control. 

Editorial Services

Our editorial staff guides you through the entire process - from copy editing, proofreading, accuracy checking, to the final stages of preparation of the manuscript for publication.

eBook Development

Our eBook services cover fixed-layout ePub, fixed-layout KF8, interactive ePub 3.0 and KF8, ONIX metadata tagging services, content porting, Smart PDFs, LINK PDFs, Universal PDF creation, and proofreading.

Innovating Learning Experiences.
For over four decades, S4Carlisle has been working with authors, publishers and organizations to help create or enhance content for books, journals and other publications, in both print and digital formats. We have a full spectrum of services that will deliver value to your publishing process.


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What Clients Say...

"I want to thank S4Carlisle for going the extra mile on this title. Your team really came through in making sure all the last-minute revisions (and they were many of them owing to the late release of permission line updates) were done correctly and that files were released on time to the printer. This was an important title for us, and we really appreciate that your staff worked late to meet our goal. Thank you again!"

Our Clients

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