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How Can Sports Coaches Use Microlearning to Reinforce Learning Post-Training?

Sports coaches monitoring post-training fitness using microlearning

What is Microlearning?

Microlearning evangelist offers a simple definition of microlearning that we love a lot – “eLearning content that is absolutely as short as possible and no shorter.”

Microlearning provides the required knowledge in the shortest possible time in an engaging and effective manner. Also known as “bite-sized learning” microlearning works as an effective way to train learners across different industries and for different purposes. Some examples or use-cases for the deployment of microlearning are:

  • Product training

  • Employee onboarding

  • Compliance training

  • Soft skills and office etiquette training

  • Organizational training

Microlearning can be deployed in the form of:

  • Audio snippets

  • Videos under six minutes

  • Interactive infographics

  • Static images

  • Regular text files that can be read quickly

  • Games

  • Quizzes

Sports Coaching – Changing Trends and Increasing Use of Technology

In the last two decades the use of technology in sports has increased extensively. Some examples are listed below:

  • Using instant video-replays for decision-making

  • Distributing in-ear hearing pieces for instructions during game-time

  • Sensors in helmets to monitor crash-impact and physical damage

  • Using fitness trackers to monitor heart-rate

  • Using GPS devices to check live location in sports like racing and cycling

Now the focus is also on using technology in sports coaching. This is done by a variety of tools and solutions. Some examples include:

  • Monitoring nutrition and diet with calorie-counter apps

  • GPS-trackers and alarms for Covid-19 bio-security bubbles

  • Sleep tracking apps to ensure that athletes get ample rest

  • Female health tracking apps to notify users about their menstrual cycles

  • Animated video-based apps for fitness exercises

  • YouTube as a free learning resource of videos on fitness, nutrition, and health

  • Smart fitness scales to measure BMI composition and other essential health parameters

  • Data analysis and modeling tools that predict athlete behavior, health, and performance

  • Fitness apps like Zepp, Google Fit, and Apple Health that synchronize with smartwatches and fitness trackers

  • These apps provide users and coaches with a detailed dashboard of the athlete’s fitness and exercise routines

These examples focused on the use of technology in sports coaching. Let’s see how using digital learning solutions can simplify the delivery of sports coaching.

Digital Learning Solutions for Sports Coaching

The pandemic has forced sports coaches and athletes to adapt significantly. With training arenas and stadiums closed as a part of the lockdowns, athletes and coaches began to explore different platforms and solutions for training. From the most simple and humble WhatsApp video call to creating customized workouts and training videos for each athlete and sharing them, sports coaches have worked really hard to ensure that the athletes under their training do not lose out.

What digital learning solutions do is to simplify the entire process and present all relevant training videos and fitness instructional guides in one place. This could be a learning management system (LMS), a learning experience platform (LXP), a dynamic website with videos and text-based resources, or a mobile learning app.

The Importance of Post-Training Follow-Up

Any athlete or fitness enthusiast will tell you how important it is to have a coach or physical fitness trainer who truly cares for your growth and mental health. It is not about the number of sit-ups, the time spent on the treadmill, the punches traded in the boxing ring, or the weights lifted. It is about showing up every single day, following the regimen prescribed by your coach, listening to advice, and ensuring that your post-training exercises are completed.

Post-training follow-up checks done by the coach and the fitness trainer boost the self-confidence of the athlete. It reassures them that the coach truly cares and will help the athlete achieve his/her fitness goals.

Using Microlearning for Post-Training Follow-Up

Microlearning can work as an effective solution to deliver post-training follow-up. This could be in the form of:

  • Videos with a quick set of exercises to wind down

  • Videos of stretches to relax the muscles

  • A quick questionnaire that helps the coach understand the needs of the athlete better

  • Recommended podcasts or mindfulness videos

  • Customized diet-plans and recipes

  • Spaced learning reminders of exercise and diet delivered as an SMS, Telegram notification, or WhatsApp message

It all boils down to how comfortable people are with using technology and the accessibility of Internet and cellular connectivity. People with limited Internet connectivity could perhaps receive a USB-drive with all relevant videos and instructional materials. They would still need to speak to their coach on a regular basis for updates.


At S4Carlisle, we believe that learning technology and digital learning solutions offer a great way for people to bridge boundaries and learn with freedom. From designing eLearning content for sports coaches to creating training programs designed for national and international level coaching accreditations, we help design and deploy eLearning that works best for you and your sports academy. Write to us at to learn how we can help you.


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