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Using Digital Learning Technology to Design and Deliver Online Nutrition and Fitness Programs

Fitness training online using digital learning technology solutions

Physical fitness and mental fitness are two important aspects of life and both are interdependent. Ever since the pandemic started, people were forced to work or study from home. Closing down of schools and colleges and gymnasiums and fitness centers only compounded the problem further. People were forced to figure out ways to maintain their fitness and good health. Though videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram were quite common earlier, it was the lockdown forced by the pandemic, which completely changed the way people approached fitness. In this blog post, we will examine how fitness centers, gym-owners, and fitness instructors can use digital learning technology solutions to design and deploy nutrition and fitness programs online.

Fitness Apps and Personalized Coaching

In India, solutions like HealthifyMe and Cult.Fit are examples of using technology to great success and coach people looking to improve their fitness. A solution like HealthifyMe, brings your personal fitness coach and nutritionist directly to your smartphone. The app offers an integrated solution that lets users monitor their calorie intake and track their daily fitness activities. The fitness coach analyzes the physical parameters of the user. These include body measurements, weight, height, etc. The instructor then designs a workout plan, which the user should follow diligently.

Diet is a crucial aspect of physical fitness. Everyone cannot afford or have access to organic and chemical free vegetables and fruits. From the air that we breathe to the water that we drink, there is a trace of a chemical in all that we consume. The solution here is to eat locally produced fruits, vegetables, and greens. The next step is to limit the consumption of processed food. Cooking food on one’s own, a home-cooked meal can definitely help. Fitness and nutrition apps can be used to log the daily diet and calorie intake. The macronutrient details like proteins, carbohydrates, fats, etc., are displayed and users can modify their daily diet as per the instructions of the nutritionist.

The Role of Digital Learning Technology Solutions

Hosting fitness videos on the cloud, measuring steps taken every day by users, programming algorithms to analyze calorie intake and provide real-time guidance. Microlearning modules that describe different exercise patterns; learning technology solutions play a big role in the way modern fitness and nutrition apps function.

The purpose of modern digital learning solutions is to bridge the gap between learners and instructors. In this scenario, digital learning solutions help bridge the gap between fitness trainers and people looking to get fit. Given below are a list of solutions that fitness centers can use to connect with people looking to improve their overall physical and mental health.

Personalized Learning and Personalized Fitness Coaching

Fitness instructors can upload their training videos on an LMS-based website and offer subscribers access to these videos. Subscribers opting for a personalized coaching plan, can receive direct one-on-one coaching facilitated via video-calls. This can be an integration within the LMS itself or a third-party solution like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams.

Recipes for Good Health

Optimum nutrition is achieved by a healthy diet that uses fresh vegetables, fruits, and the right amount of grains. As vegan and vegetarian or plant-based diets gain prominence, there is also a section of users who depend on meat ang eggs to build muscles and gain proteins. The LMS can incorporate brief videos with recipes that promote healthy and mindful eating.

Yoga for Stress-Free Living

Yoga in its simplest form can be defined as conscious and mindful breathing or “pranayama”. The popularity of yoga in the USA and Europe was when several gurus from India began to establish ashrams abroad. In recent years, it has turned into a big commercial business as self-styled gurus and yoga instructors are patenting different techniques asking members to sign NDAs and causing more harm than good.

Yoga instructors can create customized yoga asanas (exercises) for their subscribers and guide them how to perform them without hurting themselves when doing the asanas. Mindfulness is another concept that is becoming extremely popular. Mindfulness trainers can offer mindfulness training programs to help people achieve a stress-free life.

Microlearning Videos and Mobile Learning Via Apps

If you open up the Google Play Store or the App Store for the Apple ecosystem, you will find hundreds of apps that claim to offer fitness training, nutrition advice, and health guidance. Built on a freemium model, these apps offer a basic set of information for free and through in-app purchases and ads earn revenue.

By deploying fitness and nutrition videos directly on dedicated apps or on an LMS, which has a proper mobile app, fitness centers and instructors can offer a superlative learning experience to their followers.

Tracking Progress Through Apps and an LMS

It is important and very much possible for fitness instructors to measure the progress of the people who have signed up for better health. The progress towards fitness is visible during interactions over videos and from the data that is collected from fitness bands and synchronized with the app.

The LMS can help in monitoring the progress of the subscribers in terms of the instructional lessons shared on the platform and if subscribers are going through them properly. The ideal LMS or fitness app should offer a medium of communication between the fitness coach / nutritionist and the people who have signed up for fitness programs.

Using Stories and Testimonials to Motivate Learners

Good corporate learning programs use story-telling and testimonials with adequate examples and scenarios to connect with the learners, engage them, and improve retention of learning. Similarly, fitness coaching and nutrition and wellness programs delivered in the form of eLearning can feature stories and testimonials from past students and these can be used to motivate new learners.

S4Carlisle eLearning – Making Online Fitness Training Easier

At S4Carlisle, we offer a wide variety of content development and eLearning technology support services. From storyboarding and course-creation to LMS selection and migration of content to modern cloud-based LMS, we offer solutions that help your business grow. If you are a fitness or nutrition expert looking to set up your own website and mobile learning app to cater to your clients; we are here to help you design the right digital learning solution. We also partner with large gymnasiums and fitness centers to deliver their fitness training and sports coaching programs online. Write to us at to learn more about our capabilities and service offerings.


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