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How Will AI Transform L&D?

How will AI transform L&D?

For the longest time, AI was the premise of science fiction and speculative cinema. Most of us believed that we would have assembly line robots or robots for security and law-making, we did not foresee that wave that was coming with ChatGPT, DALL-E, Mid Journey, and the different Large Language Models or LLMs, which would shake up the technology world. Sam Altman and his OpenAI Project have literally created a scenario, wherein the acquisition and use of knowledge has seen a massive change. We now have Devin, an AI software engineer, we have AI-powered tools for activities as diverse as customer support and weather monitoring to tracking stocks and reviewing assessments.

How will AI transform L&D? Can L&D be away from the aura of AI? If one looks at any of the recent international eLearning or talent summits like DevLearn or ATD or Learning Summit, AI is the key theme. Keynote addresses by industry veterans and thought leaders on the topic makes the audience wonder if there is anything other than AI that will work? The scenario is similar to the ‘app-wave’ from a decade or so ago when everyone wanted their product to have a mobile app! But AI is a different ball game altogether.

Josh Bersin on AI in L&D

Josh Bersin is recognized as an industry veteran and a guru in the training and eLearning industry. In this podcast episode, he speaks in detail about how AI is transforming L&D, especially in the corporate learning space. He states how the world of L&D has stagnated with hardly any innovation. There was a lot of buzz about learning experience platforms or LXPs, but it fizzled out as everyone had their own definition of such a learning platform. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality were two key elements that had a massive potential to transform learning, but there too innovation has kind of reached a pause-point.

Firms like Oracle and Workday are developing massive knowledge platforms but one still needs to witness a tried and tested truly innovative learning system in the market for public consumption.

The growth in AI shows significant promise in condensing information from large libraries of content, creating transcripts and summaries from audio and video files, and indexing information in appropriate buckets/groups with correct semantic tagging. In the podcast, Josh talks about how several large organizations are having an increasing set of people approaching retirement who have a wealth of knowledge to share. Their notes, interviews, videos, should be arranged properly and stored in a learning system that gives learners access to this content when needed. This is where an AI-powered LMS could really shake things up and make life easier for talent development teams.

The Current State of AI in L&D

Looking beyond ChatGPT, Gemini, and Microsoft CoPilot, there are several AI-powered tools in the market that help in the creation of content. There are tools to generate storyboard mockups, there are tools to visualize layouts and designs of courses, and to create assessments. Technically, most of the AI being used in L&D is for course design, content, and visual elements. Recommendation engines and adaptive learning have been around for a long time now.

The next level of innovation in AI needs to focus on true personalization of learning and how one primary piece of learning content can be presented in different ways to learners based on what they wish to achieve. The ability to switch audio languages and transcript/subtitles language options and using semantic tagging to group the best possible courses together for a single learner or a cohort of learners would be a great feature. In addition to this, if a system offers a clear indicator of the benefits that the completion of these courses would bring to the learners, it will motivate them to complete the courses faster.

Making AI an Ally

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