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Does Microlearning Really Work in Corporate Learning?

What is Microlearning?

Microlearning can be defined as any form of learning content that can be completed ideally in about five minutes. Microlearning focuses on one core learning outcome and offers learners a quick and easy way to grasp the core idea. Microlearning when applied as a strategy in eLearning works well to address the problem of attention deficit and offers a better learning experience when compared to a long-drawn full-fledged course. Microlearning could be a brief video, an audio clip or a podcast, a set of questions and answers with a relevant explanation, or an interactive game, which allows learners to play the game and learn something. In this blog post, we will analyze if microlearning can be used as a strategy to foster digital learning at the workplace, the advantages and disadvantages of microlearning, and some examples of leading organizations using microlearning to train their employees.

Advantages of Using Microlearning in Corporate Learning

Let us consider the key advantages of using microlearning in corporate learning:

  • Comparatively less complex and less expensive than a full-fledged in-person instructor-led training program or a full-fledged online learning solution

  • Allows L&D teams to assign specific microlearning courses to learners who just need to learn specific skills or competencies instead of going through a complete course

  • Well-designed microlearning maximizes retention of learning

  • The perfect solution to create just-in-time learning solutions

  • Works really well for most scenario-based learning requirements

  • Microlearning-based eLearning solutions are easier to update or modify based on user feedback

Disadvantages of Using Microlearning in Corporate Learning

Let us consider the key disadvantages of using microlearning for corporate learning :

  • Not a perfect fit for all types of target audiences or to meet all learning requirements

  • Using microlearning for serious topics like climate change, prevention of sexual harassment, or safety and compliance training is not a good idea

  • There is a belief among certain sections of L&D leaders that microlearning dilutes the seriousness of learning

  • Poorly designed microlearning can defeat the whole purpose of training and it has to be designed and deployed with great care

Examples of Leveraging Microlearning for Training

Google and Whisper Courses for Manager Training

Google used email as a medium to deliver microlearning-based manager training programs to help managers implement the necessary changes in their teams. The email-based delivery functioned on the nudge-based learning system and helped Google meet its training objectives.

Unilever and its Snackable Training Content

Unilever is one of the world’s largest business conglomerates with employees in different countries and from different cultural backgrounds. Unilever's snackable training approach was to create learning modules not exceeding 15 minutes and focus on one core objective in each module. The goal was to get employees to complete one module every day. The flexible approach to learning was a great success.

Read this article to learn more about some more brands, which used gamification and microlearning together to deliver successful training programs for their employees.

Using Vibons to Create Video-Based Microlearning Solutions

Vibons is an interesting tool that allows people to create animated videos from basic data and information for eLearning. Leading brands like Coca-Cola, Vodafone, and Ford among several others have used Vibons to create fun-filled and informative animated videos to foster learning at the workplace.

Coca-Cola used Vibons to produce online explainer videos for its employees and to train employees about competition law

Allianz, the global insurance leader, used Vibons to create employee onboarding videos

Vodafone used Vibons to create a mobile-first employee onboarding solution with a series of brief two-minute videos

Panasonic used Vibons to create awareness about On4Care

Mitsubishi used Vibons to create a new product training and awareness campaign

Visit this page to see a list of microlearning training solutions created using Vibons.

Is Microlearning an Effective Training Strategy?

Yes, microlearning is an effective training strategy and offers a great way for organizations to train their employees. As stated in the “Advantages” section, microlearning is cost-effective, easier and faster to build and correct, and also handles the attention-deficit problem by virtue of being brief and direct.

Well-designed microlearning deployed properly works really well. It could be video-centric and work as a series of animated explainer videos or subject-matter experts sharing their insights on a topic. Or it could be gamification-focused and offer a pathway to a larger more detailed course or program.

Salesforce uses its Trailhead platform as a fun-filled way for people to familiarize themselves with the nitty-gritty of Salesforce and also earn certifications in a highly gamified environment. What makes Trailhead even more helpful is its powerful learning community with a forum for people to ask questions and get their doubts clarified.

Microlearning is an effective training strategy that helps both the organizations and their employees. Organizations can consider microlearning as a low-risk training medium and use it to test the waters before building and deploying detailed and comprehensive eLearning training programs.

S4Carlisle – Engaging Microlearning Solutions

At S4Carlisle, we believe in designing microlearning solutions that help your organization meet its training needs. With a combination of videos, podcasts, interactive games, and online quizzes, we build responsive microlearning solutions that are device and OS-agnostic to offer your learners a unique and memorable learning experience. Write to us at to learn how we can collaborate to build a successful microlearning program for your organization.

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