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Preparing you for the changing needs of Digital Learning

​Our team of seasoned learning consultants can help you to create a customized learning strategy that drives measurable learning outcomes.

Classroom to Digital

Remote learning is here to stay, and you may be faced with long hours of classroom learning. S4Carlisle can work with you to digitize. We will study your existing classroom content, understand the nuances of the curriculum, and provide suitable solutions that include:

  • Rapid eLearning design and development    

  • Decision on the best delivery mode and arriving at solutions

  • Interactions with subject matter experts (SMEs) as required

  • Duration determinations

  • Best eLearning strategies to retain effectiveness and engagement

  • Handling the entire conversion from instructor-led training material to eLearning

Digital Learning Experience Design

The learner experience is at the center of everything we do. In the world of ubiquitous learning, it is imperative to provide a seamless and flawless digital experience to new-age learners. We work with you on this right from needs analysis and curriculum design. If these are already available, we work with you on the right digital format and mode to deliver the online training. We help you choose from the plethora of online options for a given teaching or training need or problem:

  • What instructional strategy?

  • What tools to create content with?

  • What is the best method of learning dissemination?

  • What mode of delivery?

  • What platform?


Whether it is flipped classes or blended learning, we can help you transform your traditional learning into a digital learning experience for new-age learners and students.

Learning Technology

Assessing the right learning technology or evaluating the learning management system or learning tools is a daunting task. At S4Carlisle, our learning technology consultants can guide you step by step in this process to streamline your digital learning infrastructure, simplify administrative tasks, and lower the cost of technology, while ensuring the success of your learning objectives.

Product Engineering: EdTech

For publishers, startups, and midmarket enterprises, our consultants can help you build a new product or transform your existing product in the EdTech domain. Whether you are planning to launch a new product or reengineer your existing product, we have experts who can consult with you to build a strategic product roadmap, develop an OPEX model that is aligned with your business model, and define the success criteria for your product. Our engineering team can architect and engineer your product development in collaboration with you or on an outsourced model.

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