Content Development
Data Management
Translation & Localization

Content Development Services

S4Carlisle works with authors and publishers to help create or enhance content for books, journals and other publications.

Content Development

Our developmental editors' years of experience working directly with authors in the production phase of a project enables them to have a clear insight as to what will enhance a manuscript, while keeping the budget, schedule, and the customer's overall expectations intact.

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Permission Assessment and Acquisition

Rely on us to ensure that all manuscripts are assessed to identify and log any third party material that would require permission, or is deemed fair use or public domain, well in advance of publication. This includes text, line art, and photos. Based on our findings, we will then work with the rights holders to obtain the customer's minimum permission requirements, negotiate and monitor fees to keep within the project budget, and maintain detailed and accurate records for consistent status reporting to the customer.

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Content Writing

S4Carlisle offers a range of content writing services across several genres, including writing first edition test preparation guides, major or minor revisions to a product, ancillaries (flashcards, PowerPoints, Instructor Guides, etc.), alternate text for images to meet ADA and Section 504 requirements, and testing platforms (AP, SAP, CLEP, NCLEX, Praxis). We can also contract subject-matter content reviewers, active and current teachers and professors who are recognized as leaders in their field by their peers and their students, if requested.

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Photo Research

S4Carlisle can research and secure photographs and illustrations via stock agencies, new services, libraries, museums, etc. to express the information desired by the author to enhance the text. This service includes negotiating fees and obtaining the required permissions necessary to reuse the image.

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Editorial Services

S4Carlisle offers a wide range of editorial, production, and publication management services to ensure that clients publish their material in a cost effective and efficient manner. Our services cover the entire life cycle of publishing – from project management, editor selection, manuscript writing and formatting to peer reviews.

Project Management

We offer high-end project management services and work closely with our clients to guide them through each phase of the publishing process with strict quality, time, and cost standards. We manage parent, ancillary, and e-text products across varying disciplines. Our professional teams will develop a project plan and provide a central point of communication for every project. We work directly with editors and authors to guide content through each step of the production process.

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Copy Editing

S4Carlisle provides you global access to highly skilled and qualified copyeditors for research, content editing, formatting, rewriting, and editorial review. We offer language editing, creation of style sheets, editorial proofreading, indexing, and creation of abstracts. We go the extra mile with permissions research and image research.

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S4Carlisle has a well experienced team to handle your Indexing needs for both online and print publications. Through a well balanced mixture of automated and manual indexing, we offer back-of-the-book indexes (subject, name, author, geography, symbol) for a wide range of subjects within style specifications, journal indexes, and related kinds of indexes (controlled vocabulary and taxonomy). We also offer services in embedding indexing of books, computer-related manuals, and other technical documentation using Word or InDesign.

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Prepress services

S4Carlisle is a leading provider of composition services that offer ways to quicken print production and manage publishing costs effectively.


We work closely with the product development team right from the beginning, taking into consideration the end deliverables so that the formatting meets all the needs, be it print, online, or digital publishing. We believe a single source multi-format compatibility can be designed from an early stage to avoid unnecessary rework when manuscripts are in varying formats and languages.

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We help our clients in better content management, designing, and styling with software that includes the latest versions of InDesign, QuarkXPress, XSLT, 3B2, and other automated composition solutions. We help our publishing partners to create rich value-added content for global audiences. We offer high quality, quick turnaround typesetting services with XML-first or -last workflows using the state-of-the-art applications for books, journals, technical documents, and magazine production. We help convert the publications to different formats, resulting in significant cost reductions.

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S4Carlisle’s illustrators are trained in print and digital production to provide value to your print and digital products. Our strength lies in originating complex multi-color line-arts, situational illustrations, mathematical graphs, maps and chemical artworks with utmost precision and maintaining high standards of quality. We are also proficient in researching art to suit your requirements. Whether you need a minor or a substantial edit to an existing art, colorization, color conversion, or only relabeling, we can help.

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S4Carlisle offers manufacturing services to take your manuscripts to print and beyond. Through our technically proficient manufacturing experts, we offer services that include all routine administrative and management tasks in taking a product to print along with liaising with print suppliers and printers at your chosen location keeping in mind your frequency needs and budgetary constrains.

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Data management services

S4Carlisle works with authors and editors to help create great content for books, journals and other publications.

eBook Creation

S4Carlisle designs process automation, integrate data systems, automate Ebook conversions and provide platforms for data storage and information sharing. The eBook services cover fixed-layout ePub, fixed-layout KF8, interactive ePub 3.0 and KF8, ONIX metadata tagging services, content porting, Smart PDFs, LINK PDFs, Universal PDF creation, and proofreading.

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Handling high-volume conversion projects, including front end to legacy conversions is made simple and accurate through our use of custom developed workflows and solutions. Our conversion projects include coding in HTML, SGML, XML from hard-copy or soft-copy inputs. We work on multiple DTDs, some of which are based on DocBook, NLM, NIMAS-compliant coding among others.

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Data Conversion

S4Carlisle provides complete back-end XML, HTML, SGML and PDF conversion and repurposing services for content creators, aggregators, and the publishing industry. We convert paper or electronic data to electronic format, which is then tagged, organized, and archived in searchable databases. Applications for imaging and coding include records management, business continuity, business process automation, and creating knowledge databases.

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Data Entry

S4Carlisle has expertise in handling high-volume OCR Scanning and keyboarding for data capture. We offer a hybrid-delivery model, via which scanning of documents is done at onshore sites and the subsequent processes are performed at our Chennai facility helping us maintain very short turnaround times.

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Translation and localization Services

At S4Carlisle, we streamline the process of technical translation to provide you international quality output while keeping your costs under control. Our technical and translation services team can support your needs from start to finish.


We provide services for multilingual content in over 30 languages. We are conversant with translation workflows and computer-aided translation (CAT), and have strategic tie-ups with Europe-based copyediting service providers to help us manage complex projects efficiently.

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Our teams of translators are trained to think in local languages and bring out the essence of thought and content. We do not “transliterate”; our expertise lies in localizing content.

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Our Desktop publishing suite covers managing translation workflows, typesetting, content analysis, and pre-translation preparation of documents, translation, proofreading and formatting. Our expertise covers a wide range of publishing software such as Acrobat, AutoCAD, CorelDraw, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, and PageMaker.

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Transmedia services

S4Carlise specialises in development and conversion of standard hard book content to digital formats that can be consumed across multiple devices from PC/MAC to tablets and smartphones. Digital content is designed to be responsive and “build once and deploy across all platforms”. We offer a variety of development and conversion services as described below.

Interactive eBook development / conversion

S4Carlisle provides services to take your existing books in PDF format and convert them to the latest device ready formats such as ePUB2 or ePUB3, to enhance learner engagement. The books will be converted to the appropriate ePUB format and interactivities inserted in-line with the text. These interactivities could include audio, video, slide shows, tap to zoom on images, animations in 2D or 3D, and interactive animations where users can interact with the object, such as rotating or splitting components of the object.

These eBooks will be either fixed or reflowable layouts to adapt to the form factor / screen size of the device that it is being used on. The eBooks will be capable of being read by most ePUB readers and can have DRM (Digital Rights Management) software included to prevent piracy or unauthorised use of the eBook.

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S4Carlisle graphic artists and animation specialists can develop and convert static images to more engaging 2D or 3D images. These can be used standalone in a digital eBook, website or content format as also as part of content. The animations are first developed as a storyboard (SB) by S4Carlisle instructional designers, and then the static images are either used as the base or the 2D / 3D image can be developed from scratch using the SB.

Animations, if needed, are added to the image to add a layer of engagement to the user, as these can be used to achieve learning outcomes, of the topic being taught, more efficiently.

2D / 3D graphics and animations are developed using software such as Photoshop and Maya.

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Companion Websites

S4Carlise provides services to help publishers set up companion websites for print books that need the reinforcement and engagement for both students and teachers. Companion websites will be developed based on the print content and converted to appropriate digital content that can be used both in classroom and outside classroom. The website would be developed with interactivities to additional content not available in the print version of the book and eLearning type content that can engage students and allow them to study at their own pace. These companion websites can be developed and implemented on publisher’s proprietary platforms and are available to students and teachers over PC/MAC and tablet/mobile devices.

The content for the companion websites will be developed from the print content by S4C instructional designers in the form of storyboards that are then reviewed and approved by the publisher and the SME (Subject Matter Experts) or authors. The SB is then converted to the digital content by adding the appropriate level of media such as graphics, animations (2D/3D), simulations, interactivities, GBL etc. These are then packaged/programmed into HTML5/CSS3/JS to deliver the website as device agnostic.

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Flash to HTML5 Conversions

Content developed in flash for the traditional delivery mode through PC/MACs need to be converted to novel technology standards such as HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript to be delivered on various devices such as tablets, smartphones and PC/MACs. S4Carlisle can convert your existing flash-based content to HTML5 / CSS3 and JavaScript. Conversion of the existing flash assets can be done using the source files or with the SWF object, if source is not available. S4Carlisle will extract the assets such as graphics, animations and audio/video from the flash assets, convert them for HTML5 and then build them into HTML5 templates. The new HTML5 assets are then tested across multiple devices for quality and compatibility, without losing the original instructional design value of the flash asset.

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Audio Books

Audio books are becoming more popular as personal devices are becoming smaller and are able to carry larger size files. S4Carlise can take print books and convert them to audio books in various formats such as MP3, WMA (Windows Media Audio) & AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) and deliver them to publishers for distribution to their end users. The audio books can be recorded in various voice talents from native language speakers to specific accents that are required for the geographies in which the audio books will be marketed.

S4Carlisle can provide both unabridged and abridged version of the audio books for publishers and their end users.

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Video Post-Production

S4Carlise provides video post-production services for clients where we take raw video footage and produce them into the final cut required for meeting learning outcomes or objectives. The video is edited for both content, sound and any insertion/overlays required to enhance the content and bring out the learning value of the videos. The post-production process will add additional sound effects, background audio, subtitling, animations, and image overlays onto the video, where required. The video post-production will generally be based on a brief provided by clients or developed by S4C using the inputs from the client. Video outputs will be provided in the required format to clients for inclusion in their learning content or as standalone videos.

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