"In 2012 we embarked upon an ebook program with the mission of converting all our titles on the backlist. We had tried so many e-conversion houses that we lost count. The quality was terrible and the experience was like Groundhog Day when seemingly these companies were not able to fix even the simplest of things. In short it was driving me to an early grave... It all changed on meeting S4Carlisle. We have been working with S4Carlisle for around 18 months now—since August 2014. They have been working on converting our books to various e-formats including epub, Mobi and web pdf files. I was so very pleasantly surprised. Yes, there is always a little to-ing and fro-ing with getting the files right—and I think that's normal if you are a publisher with high and exacting standards—but S4Carlisle have been absolutely superb in getting things right and in a timely fashion. For me it was never the cost issue, but rather a quality issue for our ebooks. Not that S4Carlisle are expensive—they are not. So, in short, the experience of working with S4Carlisle restored my faith that ebooks can be done beautifully and at a reasonable cost, too. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Nikki Bramhill

Director, TFM Publishing, Shropshire, UK


American University in Cairo Press


Business Expert Press

Cengage Learning



Encyclopedia Britannica

F.A. Davis

I.B. Tauris

Jones & Bartlett

Kendall Hunt



Oxford university press


Pearson Asia pacific



Springer Publishing

The Big Word


Case studies

Below are some case studies on how S4Carlisle has helped publishers deliver value through various services and solutions.

Re-engineering newsletter workflow

Elsevier contracted Qbend, a subsidiary of S4Carlisle, to re-engineer and streamline their current newsletter production to achieve savings and efficiency.

Analyzing the current workflow of the publisher's newsletter, we were able to identify various areas wherein we could reduce inefficiencies of scale using our existing solutions, S.N.A.P. and Dazzle.

Digitizing legacy content

The American University in Cairo Press (AUCP) had an urgent need for digitizing their legacy content of approximately 350,000 pages within a 3-month timeframe. S4Carlisle was contracted to make this happen.

We analyzed the material received (a combination of application files, PDFs, and bound books) and deployed a solution that used text extraction tools for converting the bound books to digital Word format. Approximately 75,000+ pages were converted from scanned copies of bound books over a 3-week period, including text in Arabic.