About S4Carlisle

To be the global leader in transforming and enriching the learning experience.


To be the preferred solution for our business partners through commitment and excellence:

  • Customer: Create long-term partnerships through innovation, technology, quality, and service
  • People: Be a great place to work with opportunities to learn and grow where everyone is inspired
  • Performance: Drive growth by being a highly-effective, agile, and fast-moving organization
  • Profit: Maximize shareholder value while being cognizant of our overall responsibilities
  • Community: Commit to behave ethically and contribute to sustainable economic development


The Way Forward ...

Educational publishing, like the rest of the publishing industries, is in the midst of the most unprecedented transformation driven by technology, cost pressures, changes in classrooms, as well as consumer demand. These changes and demands are impacting how content is created, designed, formatted, curated, digitized, distributed, and sold. These changes have also challenged suppliers like S4Carlisle to help publishers to do things better, faster, and more cost effectively by adapting continuous improvement techniques, using better workflows and technology in the production process — right from manuscript preparation to multichannel delivery and distribution. This rapidly changing environment has opened up significant opportunities into new business verticals for S4Carlisle as a company.

S4C continuously invests in building tools, technologies and solutions based on evolving market trends, customer input and research. We believe that these tools and solutions will help our global customers across all aspects of content and enable them to sustain a competitive advantage with strong controls on cost and other efficiencies.

S4Carlisle’s overall strategy is to look at the value-chain for the market that the publishing industry caters to rather than looking at isolated production and services. This helps us to understand the needs of global publishers and deliver value across the process.

With almost 40 years of experience, S4Carlisle understands that the publishing domain is undergoing a rapid and radical change in the digital publishing space like never before and that publishers need to harness the power of technology and innovation to consistently deliver value to customers globally. We therefore consciously aim to enhance our resources, product, and solutions portfolio, keeping in mind the direction that the publishing market is heading toward.

Kris Srinaath

Chief Executive Officer

Nandakumar Ramachandran

Chief Operating Officer

Key People